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02 October 2005 @ 10:46 pm
"Wake me up/When September ends..."...wait...Nevermind  
So this week has been interesting. I descovered a new browser, Opera. It is pretty cool, except that it doesn't work with a lot of pages, which is a bummer. But it is more secure then even Firefox is, which is amazing, and has quite a few other really good ideas built in. If your on a Windows machine, you should consider getting it, since it is free now...
In school news, classes are going pretty well, and people...are going. Welding is one of the coolest things ever. It feels so bad ass to do. Making miniatures sucks, tho. It seems like it should take less time to make something out of foam core and brass then plywood and 2X4's, but that simply isn't true. God I hate foam core. It also seems like welding should be more difficult then soldering, but that also isn't true. Grrr. And with regard to people in my department...I don't even know what to say, since I really don't know what is happening. There are significant roumors about them having a departmental meeting in regards to the freshman class. I'm not sure what exactly they hope to solve, since I don't think that the fresman class (or any other kids for that matter) are invited. It just seems lame for the staff to behind our back to try to solve stuff. But thats how it goes sometimes. I think that some of us are going to go talk to Dave, the chairman of the department, and see what we can get fixed, if he can even do anything. We shall see. So other then people (not just students) being weird and stupid, school is cool. I have learned so much in just 4 weeks, and it all feels relevant. I've also learned a ton about myself and how I think and am influenced by the world, which is cool.
In friendships, I have very little to add. Haven't really made any friends in perf prod, but I might finally be getting there with some people. Thats all I really care to talk about with regards to that, and I owe Michelle a ton, since she's been there for me a lot this week. Thank you, even though you will probably never see this. In other random friends, I ran into both Cori and Leah this weekend, which was just crazy. It was good to talk with them, even just for a few minutes. I miss hanging out with them.
I think that I'm going to try to update more frequently, since looking back at the week, I see a ton of ups and downs, but not having enough space to really do it justice in one post, and since I would like some sort of log of my life to look back at when I get older. I think that having that would be nice, and wish that I had bothered to get on this damn thing earlier in my HS career. Oh well. Peace out.
Note: If anyone saw this earlier, and it was only part of one line, it is beacuse I'm a retard and forgot a closing " in my tag, making this whole post one long web address, but it is now (obviously) working...
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rosephase on October 8th, 2005 06:14 am (UTC)
What's up with your class?
Hey I'm a senior in your department. I'm not exactly that in tune with what is going on with the freshmen care to up date? If you don't want to I completely understand.