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24 September 2005 @ 09:48 am
Last week  
The past week has been...odd. Like the week before it, I look at Monday, and am so surprised that this is the same week. It seeems like ages ago. And perhaps it was. I'm not sure anymore. I have been really spacy. I mean really, really spacy. I forgot an appointment with my teacher. I forgot my schedule (not that I have to memorize it, since I just have to follow everyone else in the department from class to class). I probably am forgetting something that I forgot. That seems likely.
In mostly related news, school is still really easy, but I'm still worried that it will get difficult at some point in the future. I have heard some of the older kids talking about being at cornish until they get kicked out (midnight) and then being back as soon as they could in the morning (6 I think) for a week or more on end. Then you have to do your other homework. I am afraid.
In news related to the first paragraph, I have been doing a ton of thinking. I have a fair bit of stuff to figure out, and I think that that is why I have been so out of it. Most of it came up when I went to B'ham last week, or that Thursday. While it was really a team effort with me and Kiri, I can't help feel responsable for most of the falling out. I wish that I had a chance to go back and do it all over again, so that I wouldn't make the same damn mistakes. Except that I'm not sure that I wouldn't make them. It seems pretty likely that I would, since they seemed like the right ones at the times (as evidenced by the fact that I made them...). I wish that I knew what the hell I was/am doing. I wish that I could take some time off and figure some stuff out. But I don't have that luxury. All I can do is go on long ass walks when I can and ride it out. Thats about it for now.
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